Thursday, June 26, 2008

Akshaya Tritiya 2004

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According to Hindu system Vaisakha bright 3rd day is said to be AKSHAYA TRITIYA. The word AKSHAYA as per sanskrit is nothing but that one which does not reduce – kshaya. Goddess Mahalakshmi sadhana is recommended during this day. Some time ago I told most of you that LAKSHMI SADHANA is not for mere financial riches. Lakshmi sadhana is one which allows us to meet our demands with the divine supply. The supply – is a result of the efforts of all of us and it is the ultimate which is certainly not in our hands. We can only put efforts and beyond that it is decided upon by the unforeseen hand of fate. Thus, I suggest all of you to make the sadhana to take the blessings of the Goddess for the result so that our demands and supply meet. You will certainly agree that when demand and supply meet, it is a point where we get satisfied. For example, I came to know about a couple recently who were very much worried for a child, they have their demand and doctors certified that the couple is good state to give birth to a child. Still for over a decade their prayers are not heard by the Lord. The demand of the couple is genuine but then the it is not fulfilled. The purpose of mentioning this is that we have demands and they go on changing from time to time. We really put up efforts to achieve success, but for some reason or the other we remain in a helpless situation. What ever it is in a materialistic world we can never be freed from demands. That is the reason I suggest you to go for the Sadhana on this wonderful day so that each of us can move towards the destination faster than in the normal course. This is according to the great RISHI –SAGE sampradaya and it is being followed by many for the past many years.

Please take a small copper plate and draw a swastik mark on it with turmeric powder and kumkum –Roli. Light a lamp with sesame oil and keep a photograph of Goddess Lakshmi with the two elephants if possible in front of you –either in the day time or in the evening, then make out a sankalpa – the purpose for which you prefer doing the sadhana, later start chanting the Holy Mantra of Goddess Lakshmi as many times as possible.

The Mantra is OM SREEM HREEM SREEM KAMALE KAMALAALAYE PRASIDA PRASIDA SREEM HREEM SREEM OM MAHALAKSHMAI NAMAH. I believe that most of you are provided with the sadhana books printed and published by me for your use and supplied to most of you free of cost for the last two and half a years. If any one needs copies of the books, they may write to me so that the books can be referred to in time of need in such occasions which are many in this year. The next occasion falls on the eclipse day ie 4th May 2004.

Wishing all success to you in the sadhana.

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