Thursday, June 26, 2008

Detox Menu Plan

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12th October 2003

It is necessary to remember that processed foods and harmful chemicals in our environment cause stress to the body. Nutrient levels are lower in conventionally farmed foods and the toxicity of synthetic pesticides undermine health. Allowing toxins to enter bloodstream can effect brain function, mood and energy level, causing secondary immune and bio chemical reactions. It is a fact that our digestive tract has the highest amount of immune activity of any area in the human body, making the detoxification process a natural way to heal.

It is important to drink water whenever one feel thirsty. DILUTION IS THE SOLUTION TO POLLUTION---keeping this in view, flushing toxins with the fluids is considered ideal today. Some suggestions to upkeep health:-

1) Morning upon rising one has to take atleast 2 glasses of water preferably filtered, spring. One glass of water with a half a lemon squeezed into it is all the best.
2) One piece of fresh fruit at room temperature at breakfast is further best. It is to be chewed well. This is to be followed by a bowl of cooked whole grain (millet, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, or brown rice) with 2 table spoon full of fruit juice and adding a little tamari or better butter.
3) Between 10 a.m and 3 p.m it is essential to take one or two cups veggie water saved from steaming vegetable and adding a little SEA salt. Please sip slowly to ensure that each mouthful mixes well with saliva to make the most of the digestive enzymes.
4) During Lunch one or two medium bowls of various steamed vegetables like potatoes, yarns, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, beets, asparagus, kale, chard, cabbage etc are to be eaten while chewing well.
5) Dinner is also suggested in the similar fashion.
6) Teas are suggested in between but purely herbal teas only like chamomile, pau d’arco, peppermint or blends etc.

One may feel weak during the first couple of days of cleansing and detox to adjust to the diet above mentioned but AMAZINGLY this will pass. By 3rd or 4th day one should feel adjusted and comfortable. It is necessary that sufficient mental make is essential to accept the diet suggested in the mind-body theory.

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