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Hindu Religion

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It is my desire not to write any thing relating to religion etc. But it has become essential that I felt bad in some of the areas particularly relating to non-maintaining of uniformity in the age-old procedures and systems.

In the recent past I have noticed a lay man- a villager asking straight one of the Jagadgurus of one Sankara Peetham when there was a confusion on the day of observing one of the prominent Hindu Festival. His Holiness could not answer the lay man’s question. What I wonder is that there is no REGULATORY AUTHORITY in the matter of publication of Calendars. There is no system in India as such to judge the suitability and authenticity of publication of Hindu Religious calendars. Any one can claim as the PUNDIT and start publishing any calendar. In other words there is no check system. This has not only led to confusion amongst the followers of the calendars but also defamed the system over a period of time.

No two calendars in the country specify uniform time and days of panchang. Hindu religion is ONLY ONE and there can not be any preaching that only one Lord is supreme and not the other Lord. Some of the Seers or Jagadgurus claim that one Lord is superior to the other and vice versa. They should be informed that there should not be any in-fight between them to dilute the unity and authenticity of the Religion in total. I have seen that some of them in order to establish their supremacy, watering the main theme and nature of the Religion, claim and propagate that one Lord is the only supreme Lord and every one has to follow the same. Already this Religion is facing splits and it is certain over a period of time people migrate to other religions where there are less conflicts and complications in the system.

Any preacher should follow a code of conduct and respect the other branches evenly and the Government has to take steps in this direction. All Religious calendars should be published with a consensus duly depicting uniform dates, time and muhurat as per Indian system followed since centuries. This will help protecting people’s interest and create confidence among the followers that their interest is taken care of.

This may not, however, be possible in the existing polluted political environment since an attempt to correct the system may itself take a different turn. At least the religious head should take some steps towards this and help the Hindus to gain confidence that they ARE ONE.

In the recent past I have seen many books and magazines with number of cartoons and jokes on Hindu Religious deities and Heroes of the Hindu Origin. Many pictures too were produced using the deities as laughing stocks. Never there is an occasion on this HOLY GLOBE to use the Lords of other religions for such joyous entertainment. Most unfortunate it is, we have good number of Jagadgurus and Seers but what has been done to arrest this type of trend is clearly visible for all of us. The Government obviously tied up with its limitations on this subject and IT MAY NOT DO ANY THING ON ITS OWN TO ARREST THIS TREND. But it is the duty of the Religious heads to take some corrective steps towards this. If the Lords of the Religion are laughed at, what kind of discipline we can inculcate?

I suggest that there should be a platform that all religious heads join and make an attempt to stop all unwanted things first. It is also time to give up in-fights and move towards uniformity and oneness.

Support to the less fortunate
There are less complications in other religions and it can be observed that the FOTUNATE have started extending their helping hand to the LESS FORTUNATE collectively and with a common motive. In our country, though individuals help the less fortunate with all sympathy, nothing much could be seen at a collective point to eradicate the differences between sects. Material support such as distribution of clothes and food items – the base minimum requirements for any one, free distribution of literature and educative texts relating to the promotion and protection of the religious integrity are to be improved upon. There is some kind of weakness, which has to be gradually cut short, and a kind of oneness should be promoted by all concerned.


The rituals and offering of oblations are basically from Sanskrit Texts and they are clear in their approach. There is no possibility of any individual interpretation and modification in the text. In the recent past Kumbh – Pushkar was observed for the Holy River Godavari. I have personally visited the banks of the Holy River in Godavari District of AP in Godavari District of AP and in many parts of Maharashtra too. Each one follow his own systems and some cut short the procedure to ten minutes and some draw the same to hours. Ultimately what has to be done is only one – Offering of oblations to the departed souls. Though money pays a vital part but I have noticed poor knowledge amongst priests and perhaps that was the time for them to make money. Interesting it is, during the same time I also visited some parts in Northern India like Pushkar in Rajastan where I found number of priests sitting on the banks but most of them are not aware of any Sanskrit text. They just do their business in their own style.

The purpose of my writing this is to bring some kind of disciplines in the procedure. Though the Government can not do anything due to various reasons, at least the religious heads like the Peethadhipathis should do something and they should formulate a system where upon each priest is tested and an identification mark to the extent of his qualification be given to him permitting him to undertake the job at various places in the country. Thus certain standards are gradually introduced and this creates confidence amongst the persons and their faith is protected as per the original texts of Vedic Sciences.

All that I wish to mention is to make out a REGULATORY BODY covering these aspects so that the faith of the Hindus is properly protected and the systems are followed in the line expected of them. This also will help strengthening of the religious base for the Hindus and the less fortunate in the religion are taken care of.

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