Thursday, June 26, 2008

On Way to Jageswar 2002

Vedanta Visarada
Dr P V Sesha Sai
Camp : Ghaziabad
27th September 2002
My dear friends
In continuation to my letter informing you about my visit to the Holy Himalaysan Shrine of Lord Jageswar and Patal Bhuvaneswar at an altitude of nearly 7000 ft very close to China Border near Pitorgarh, I desire to share my experiences with you with regard to two unique temples we have visited in Himalayan ranges. The first one is the Holy temple of NEEM KAROLI BABA. HH Neem Karoli Baba is said to be a siddha purush and in TAPAS for long time. Every year on 15th June long que can be seen in the temple and not less than 10 lakhs are offered annadaan. On one occasion, there was short supply of Ghee and food was to be served, HH ordered his disciples to borrow few tins of ghee from Holy River flowing adjacent to the temple premises and accordingly the same was used as ghee for serving food. After some time ghee tins arrived at the premises and HH ordered his disciples to return the equi quantity of water which was turned out as ghee, to the river by pouring the tins of ghee into the river. Friends, this looks like interesting and it is the only just simple one example of our great sages in Himalayan Ranges. The temple is situated on the way to Almora ranges of Himalaya- a lovely place like a valley amidst silver snow crowned mountains. Just after crossing Almora we have stopped at another interesting spot named as GOLU BHAGAVAN temple. He is known for justice. There are hundred of papers hanged by the devotees from several places in India seeking justice in their respective matters. Interestingly bells of different sizes are hanged as per devotees interest to call for justice and results of divine nature. Friends I have tied many bells in the temple since I am interested in most of you and I know the problems that are being faced by you. I only seek divine blessings in most of the cases for the reason I believe in it and I desire to do it without any reward or remuneration purely in your interest. I get satisfaction in it. It is REALLY A TOUGH TASK TO TRAVEL TO SUCH AN ALTITUDE AMIDST SEVERAL ODDS. But the Holy Lord is with me and it is who dictates me to do. Yesterday I visited Sukratal – another important place on the way to Roorkie – just 21 km from Muzafarnagar on the banks of River Ganga where Sage Suka recited the Holy Mahabharat to Parikshit Maharaj at the time of his death. several sages are available and it is a very very sacred place. More information is available to you with photos on this shortly. Yours affly HARA HARA MAHADEVA DR P V SESHA SAI 27TH SEPTEMBER 2002

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