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Visit to Assam 2004

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16th July 2004
My dear Friends

We are back at Hyderabad today. We left for Gauhati from Patna. Just the day we started our journey we came to know that Assam is over flooded with Brahmaputra water. It was a tough time for us to reach the destination and by Goddess grace we could reach on time. 12th July, Monday was Ekadasi as per Hindu calendar and we enjoyed performing a great yagna in the Holy temple of Goddess Kamakhya. As per Assamese language KAA-MAKYA means the great grand mother. This is the most ancient temple in these parts and people of Assam particularly worship this Goddess. According to Hindu scriptures, the sacred part of Goddess Sati has fallen in these parts and thus the temple remain closed for four days in a year in the Ashada maasa of North Indian calendar. There is a difference of fifteen days for the calendar of North and that of South. Our Year is SRI TARANA and theirs Hevilambi. The new month starts for them immediately after the bright day of the moon and for us after the dark day.

Thus it is the most sacred month – Sravan for them. Thousands of devotees are visiting the temples in the North India and it is like an ocean in these parts. Incidentally Brahmaputra River – the mightiest river of India is in spate and it looked like an ocean and the other border of the river is not seen in many parts. Assam is really very rich in its natural resources. The treasures of Assam are the thick forests. One gets mesmerized for a while to look at the beauty of Assam and particularly the Hills and the rivers.

Back to the topic on Kamakhya – the Holy temple is situated on Nilachal Hills of Assam. Assam as you all know is the gateway to the North East of India. The Holy River Brahmaputra is nothing but LOHITAS OR LOUHITYA RIVER. The temple is surrounded by its scenic beauty of excellence of the Nature and people of varied castes. It is one of the eighteen sakti temple of India as per Devi Bhagavata, Devi Purana, Kalika Purana and so on. Divine builder Lord Viswa Karma is associated with the temple as well Kind Narakasura of ancient PARGJYOTISHPURAM. The origin of KAMAKHYA TEMPLE is pre aryan. The original temple was destroyed by Muslims in their crusade against Hindu temples and idols. This happened in the early part of the 16th Century. The temple was reconstructed in its present form in 1665 A.D.

It is really a difficult task to visit this place as it takes much time through train journey. Perhaps it is a life time visit for those who reside in South India. One should also collect the red cloth used for Goddess during those days as it is considered to be a fortune bringer.

All the temples of ten Mahavidyas are around the temple. They are KAMAKHYA(tripura sundari), BHUVANESWARI, BAGALAMUKHI, KALI, CHINNAMASTA, TARA. DHUMAVATI, MATANGI, KAMALA TARA, SHODASI. I have not seen all these temples else where in India. I have written a book on the DASA MAHAVIDYAS and it is for print but for finance.

Even today animal sacrifices are a common matter in this temple. We performed a very good yagna for quite a long time in the temple praying for the welfare of most of you those who are in continuous touch and annadaana was also performed. Many receipts are with me for the contributions I made on your behalf and they will be sent to you in due course of time. We have also visited the Holy Navagraha temple – the most oldest temple where the Navgrahas are worshiped in the form of Shiva Lingaas. The prasadam is also ready and it will be sent through postal mail to those on whose behalf the prayers are made. All the best. May Goddess Kamakhya grant you all peace prosperity and happiness. HARA HARA MAHADEVA DR P V SESHA SAI

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