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Dr P V Sesha Sai
Camp: Patna to Gauhati (Assam)
10th/11th July 2004
Cell No 94404 22613

Dear Friends

It is my desire to share with you my experiences during the trips, which are granted to us by the grace of Lord. I am just expressing what I really found in the state of Bihar and Jarkhand in these two days from spiritual angle.

Baba Dham: This baba dham is nothing but the Holy abode of Lord Vaidyanath. This is in the state of Jarkhand. Any one can visit the site of baba dham at for detailed information. We reached the place since some people believe this as one of the Jyothirlinga peethams. There are surely doubts with regard to two jyothirling peethas and it is most unfortunate that none of the authenticated sources specify which is correct and which is not. Parle Vaidyanath in Maharashtra temple authorities claim that it is the really Prajvalyam. People of baba dham claim that this is the original one. But to our knowledge and as per the historical evidences available, perhaps PARLE VAIDYANATH is the original Jyothirling. Any way a detailed newsletter is separately being sent in this regard. LAKHS OF PEOPLE ARE NOW VISITING BABA DHAM SINCE THIS IS THE HOLY SRAVAN MAAS AS PER NORTHERN CALENDAR. IT IS NOTHING BUT SABARIMALAI OF KERALA DURING JANUARY. In spite of all the rush, at the time we visited the temple, it was really a blessing of Lord we had a clear and free temple darshan twice amidst the fear that whether we would have a single darshan or otherwise. We offered sacred navagraha material to the Havan Kund. Later we paid a visit to HH Balanand Brahmachari ashram around four kilometers from Devghar and further proceeded to TAPOVAN around 7 km from that place. This tapovan is a sacred place where the HH performed his TAPASYA for long time and had darshan of Lord Shiva in a cave. There are several caves in that area. Any one can climb up through the organized steps arranged by the temple trustees. But while coming down it is really a patience testing exercise unlike in other temples for the reason any one has to get down from the hill through a very zigzag way through narrow passages and caves. It is really a fantastic experience for us and we enjoyed the trip. We request everybody not to miss the opportunity of visiting the TAPOVAN during your visit to BAIDYANATH. I have been repeatedly asked about the panchayatan and particularly the genesis of LORD GANESH stone, which is worshipped in panchayatanam. It is from Sone River, which is in between Patna and Jaisidhi (Devaghar-Babadham) and on the way to Howrah.

Just before leaving for Assam we enjoyed seeing GOLGHAR in Patna situated on the banks of Holy River Ganga. It appears the British army used to store the grain imported from different places through Kolkata Port and transported through steamer to the Patna port. The storage house is a circular tomb like at a height of nearly 200 ft and steps of more than 300. It is worth visiting this place once. I shall be back again soon from Assam with lot of useful information. Please store this. The name of the pundit who helped us at Devghar and the Hotel number are transmitted to you in a while. HARA HARA MAHADEVA DR P V SESHA SAI

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