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Visit to Bikkavolu 2004

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2ND MARCH 2004


On 25th of February I came to know about an unusual Lord Ganesha Idol in Bikkavolu near Kakinada in East Godavari District. I paid a visit to the place to know about it. The place is around 16 kilometers from Kakinada on Kakinada-Rajahmundry road. I met the age old priest Shri Gollapalli Venkata Chalapathi who has been there for more than 50 years. He said that the idol is a swayambhoo and according to him the idol is increasing year by year. The name of the Lord is known as SRI VIJAYAANAND GANAPATHI. It is a single stone carved one and according to our measurement it is 90 x 50 inches. I have seen water coming out from the bottom portion of the left leg of The Lord. As per the priest, a wish gets fulfilled if a request is made at the ear of the Lord silently. As per our study it should have been installed between 849-892 A.D by the then emporers of the area CHALUKYAS of the Eastern Region. Any way it is worth visiting to pay respects.

On our return to Rajahmundry we went to Gollala Mamidada another village nearer to Bikkavolu. It is the temple of Lord Rama. It is being managed by a group of family members. Dwarapudi Subba Reddy and Dwarapudi Rami Reddy established the temple in 1889 A.D. The carvings are really wonderful. The mirror palace takes us to the ancient MAYA SABHA in the Pandava empire. It is a remarkable achievement of the family to construct 160 ft height Gopuram in Eastern side and 200ft Gopuram in Western Side of the temple in 1948 and 1956 respectively. The temple is still under the private management of the family.

Interesting it is, the Chalukya Empire of the Eastern Region constructed wonderful temples in the area. According to the scripts BIKKAVOLU is nothing but BIRUDANKINA VOLU. That means it is a TITLED place. There is another temple and the main shrine is LORD GOLINGESWARA SWAMY. This was constructed by the emporer during 849-892 A.D and the temple is under the management of Endowments Department. I have seen the bachelor form of Lord Kumaraswamy – son of Lord Shiva. It is said that the Kumara Swamy is worshiped as a bachelor in this place. We have also seen a real snake pit at the main idol and that day being the SHAHSTI we enjoyed taking darshan of the Lord in the real and original form.

Another temple – a protected monument is also seen in the area and the main shrine being Lord Sun – Suryanarayana Murthy – Sun God. The main deity is worshiped as a part of Vaishnavite theory of Hindu Religion.




Hai this is suresh. My own village name is BIKKAVOLU which behind at mamidaada. I study in ZPPH School in bikkavolu which is behind at GANAPATHI's temple . Where this is so beautigul place for me. So please visit and enjoy.

John Dean M said...

Hey...I am from the same school,but finished my shcool in 1990. My name is John Dean...good to see somebody from the same school on a blog...thats exciting

by the way, when did you finish your schooling????