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Visit to Dwaraka 2003

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8th July 2003

My dear friends,

Myself and my wife have just returned from our ten days long trip to SOMNATH AND DWARAKA. As usual it is our desire to share our experiences with you. We have first visited SURAT and after performing a havan at Surat where we enjoyed the first rain in the drought hit GUJARAT, before we got up from our seats in front of SACRED AGNI. People around us really enjoyed the great event. And that is the beginning for the rains in Gujarat this year. We went straight to Dwaraka in a train the journey of which was continued for nearly 17 hours. We have taken the darshan of Shri Bhadkeswar Mahadev in the Arabian sea; later enjoyed the sun set sitting at Gita Mandir and Gayathri Mandir. The Siddeswar Mahadev temple is one of the oldest temple where we observed a tree which must have been aged not less than 1000 years. Therefrom we went to Dwarakadhish temple and Sarada Mutt in the temple complex. The dwarakadhish temple is the oldest temple in the City. The artistically curved sandi stone to the top of the temple is really worth enjoying. The age of the temple might be to the 10th century as per my personal estimates basing on the architectural values of that age.

The next day we went to Daarukavan to offer prayers to the JYOTHIRLING NAGESWAR. By the time we reached that place the temple was just open and we have carried all pooja material with us including Homam samagri. We were the first persons to enter the Garbhaalay and to perform full length abhishekam to Lord Shiva – the main deity and we are really fortunate. The temple was reconstructed by film maker Shri Gulshan Kumar a few years ago and in the temple complex a very huge Lord Shiva (Dhyan Mudra) idol was installed the height of which is more than 100 feet. Probably a few lakhs of cement bags must have been used for this purpose.

From Lord Nageswar we went to the Bank of ARABIAN SEA to cross it and to reach Bet Dwaraka-the last remains of the original DWARAKA of LORD KRISHNA. Boat facility was available to reach that place. The ancient fort of Lord Krishna was submerged and the Government has taken care to collect the remains of the Fort from the sea waters. However old temples are still available in Dwaraka inspite of several attacks by Muslims in the good olden days. We returned back to Dwaraka which is more than 30 kms away from Bet Dwaraka. The word Bet in Gujarati means ISLAND. The word Bet in Hindi denotes the sacred meeting of SUDHAMA AND LORD KRISHNA. That is the reason why offerings are made to others there with a view to receive the blessings of Lord Krishna, for, Lord Krishna blessed His friend Sudhama in the similar manner during Dwapar Yug. We are however not satisfied since we could not offer prayers on behalf of most of you in a manner that satisfies us as such we once again planned to visit the sacred temples once again the next day. It was a costly affair to stay in the city, for the reason it is a pilgrimage centre and besides that it is a sea coast where humidity is at its peak.

The next day once again we visited all the places once again and felt satisfied that we could complete our mission in the lines expected of us. During the course of the journey, we visited GOPI TALAV where the 16000 and odd GOPIKAS breathed their last at the end of the Yadav era. It is believed that Gopikaas ultimately entered the water tank to give up their lives. The mud stones collected from the tank are used as CHANDAN which is named as GOPI CHANDAN. We have brought a few stones for distributing amongst you all. It is really a sacred CHANDAN which can be enjoyed. The Rukmini Mandir is another attraction which is dated back to 7th century. According to the great epic, the Sage Durvasa gave a curse to Rukimini that sweet water shall not be available any time in those parts. Hence JAL DAAN is considered to be a sacred daan at that place. They bring water for drinking purpose from different other places and offer the same to the pilgrims who ever visit the temple.

We are reassuring you that what ever we are doing we are doing collectively for all of us, we wish that we all should travel together with a common goal. Somnath news in another letter.

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