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Visit to Kolhapur 2003

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My dear friends 1st January 2004
It is my pleasure to wish you and yours a very very happy and prosperous NEW YEAR 2004. May this New Year brings all cheerfulness and happiness into your life and may you be blessed with all that you richly deserve.

You are aware that we have gone on a tour to Kolhapur in Maharashtra and surrounding places. Kolhapur is the place of Goddess Mahalakshmi – a divine Goddess who grants all health and wealth and it is one of the eighteen-sakti peethas in India. According to the ancient texts, Kolhapur is a holy place – a grain more sacred than the most sacred place –Kasi in Uttarpradesh. Kasi is the historically most ancient and sacred place of the Country. Kolhapur is more sacred than Kasi as per Puranaas for the reason Goddess Mahalakshmi is staying there to bless her devotees. It is on the banks of Panchaganga-five sacred rivers of Maharashtra viz. Kumbhi, Kassari, Tulasi, Bhagavathi and Saraswathi. Perhaps it is the only place, which was found to have been honoring the sacred rivers. I did not notice any wastes flowing into the river from the towns on its bank. We are fortunate; we could perform abhishek to Goddess – the main deity with milk and other sacred items. It is one of the oldest and ancient temples as appeared from its appearance. It is essential that one should take the blessings of Goddess atleast once in a lifetime.

We went to Pandaripuram near Sholapur where Lord Panduranga gave his divine appearance to many and protected the land and kingdom. It is nearly 180 kilometers from Kolhapur and bus frequency is quite comfortable. One should be prepared to spend atleast half a day to have the darshan of the Holy Lord. We touched the Holy feet of the Lord and worshipped him.

The next day we visited another important place where the Chinmaya Trust constructed 100 feet Lord Ganesha Idol on a hillock. 50 Kilometers away from it is the famous place of Lord Dattatreya where Guru Dattatreya performed his Chaturmaasa Deekasha under Sacred Oudumbar tree. It is on the banks of River Krishna. Nearly 40 kms away from it is another sacred place of Guru Dattatreya by the name of Nrisimhawadi. Lord Dattatreya attained sidhi at this place and it is the place of sangam where river Krishna and Panchaganga join.
Around 40 kms away from it, is another important place by the name of Ramalinga Kshetra where Lord Rama entered into a cave and worshipped Lord Shiva. It is really a nice place and one has to experience the unusual water ponds. We have offered Jaggery to cows in the Goshala at the place.

In another direction to Kolhapur, nearly 20 kms from it, is Jyothiba. It is a hill station and we are not capable of describing the Holiness on this little paper. As usual we prayed for the welfare of all of us and for the peace and prosperity of the society in general and all of us in particular. We requested the Lords to grant all of us divine thoughts to do useful things to the society and to remain in peace, calmness and remain progressive from time to time. Error is human – we requested the Holy Lords to forgive all of us for any act, which we are not supposed to do and by virtue of any act we have caused discomfort to fellow human beings. We also bowed down and prayed them to grant us good vision where we are capable of noticing GOODNESS and GOD.

With this trip we have covered nearly 90% of India while many places are visited more than once. It is our desire to complete total tour of India by 2004.

The Panchanga work is in progress and the book – THE REFORMS I EXPECT IN INDIA is expected to be released very shortly.

Please let me know any service I can do for your well being. HARA HARA MAHADEVA ------------DR P V SESHA SAI

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