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Visit to Kolkatta 2004

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16th July 2004
My dear Friends

Day before yesterday i.e. on 14th we visited the Holy Kolkata Kali shrine at Kolkata. Perhaps it was in 1980 when we made our first visit to this place.

Goddess Mahakaali is the Main worshiping Goddess for the people of Kolkata and West Bengal. HH Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had the divine blessings of the Goddess and it is believed that he had the Holy Darshan of her too on the other bank of River Ganga from Belur Mutt.

Mahakaali is one of the Dasa Mahavidyaas as per Hindu Religion. There are two Mahakali temples in India – one of the temples is in Avanthi of ancient India presently known as Ujjain. Ujjain Mahakali as per historical evidences turned a shepherd into a highly intellectual poet – the famous KALIDAS. Kali is the ruling Goddess of Kal – i.e. TIME LORD. Who ever find his time as bad, it is suggested that he worship Goddess Kali for all round betterment. The Mahakali temple of Kolkata is one of the most worshiped Goddess of these parts of India. We have no evidences to speak about this temple as one of the eighteen-sakti peethaas. But surely this is a very prominent temple. We have performed yagna at this temple – a full-length yagna praying for the blessings of Goddess. We could able to perform annadaana and other poojaas in the names of those who have been continuously in touch with us. The Holy prasadam is being mailed through postal /courier.

This is one side of the story – but I can not dare say that I had very peaceful darshan of Goddess. The entire temple under the grip of a group of people and it is seen that they are dominating the functioning of the temple. I do not know about the experiences of others but for me, I can not dare visiting the temple once again in my life time for fear of harsh, abusive, irritate treatment of the pandas of the temple. They have not given me any opportunity to enjoy the darshan of Holy Goddess for the reason they are after me the minute I got down from the Taxi till I came back. Even beggars in the temple demand for money and somehow it is not a wanted atmosphere in Hindu temples. I am a very small person to comment on this but apparently the Government helplessness to control the situation is clearly visible. The group just manipulates to get money through some source or the other and it is bitter experience for people like me those who visited the temple. Even the neighboring shopkeepers are expected for better interference of the Government for up keeping the atmosphere and they expect better days to come to the temple.

I can not dare suggesting you to visit this temple at this stage. Even if you are visiting the shrine do not listen to any one for whatever reason it is, but straight go to the temple and take darshan and come out. It is also most sad to see the animal sacrifices in the temple. The blood of the animals is seen in the main temple compound and slaughter is a common matter here. In a civilized society of ours, this type of sacrifices naturally frightens us. Rest is your choice in this regard.


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