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Visit to Mangalagiri 2004

Dr P V Sesha Sai
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27th January 2004


Mangalgiri in Guntur district is about 20 kilometers from Vijayawada through Kanaka Durgamma Varadhi. It is popularly known as Sri Paanakaala Nrisimha Swamy Kshetram. There are two temples in the village. The main temple is on the hill. Paanakam is nothing but the sweet Jagery water. Four decades ago we used to frequently visit the temple on the hill when we observed the deity taking 50% of the water offered leaving the balance to the devotees as his blessings. Interesting it was we used to keep a watch as to how the Lord leaves 50% only and how does he assess. We noticed persons taking a pot full returning with half pot and glass full with half glass. During this trip we could not climb up due to paucity of the time.

There is another temple of the same Lord at the foot hill where the Lord does not drink the sweet water directly. Certainly it is an ancient temple and of thousands of years. The origin is uncertain, however, the temple authorities preserved records for the past 1500 years as seen from the records.

During 8th Century Jagadguru HH Sankaraacharya visited the temple and later in the year 1220 AD Chaitanya Prabhu too visited. In the 14th Century the then Emporer Sri Krishna Devaraya constructed the Mantap and other halls. In 1594 AD Sultan Khutubali of Golconda Fort visited the temple and offered lands to the Lord. During 1807-1809 Raja Vasireddy Venkatadri Naidu constructed the Main Gopuram and other constructions too.

On 20th November 1820 Raja Sir Poji visited the temple and offered the Dakshinavrit Conch- a unique conch used during worshipping of Hindu Lords.

Thus from the History it is seen that Christians, Muslims and Hindus worshipped the Deity and took the blessings of the Lord.

The Most interesting is the Gali Gopuram – the entrance door is under 153 ft long multistoried construction which is unique in the country with 49ft width of the construction base. The main door is of 40 ft of so in the length and such a heavy door moves very easily for a single hand of a man. During our visit we have witnessed one person closing/moving the door with a single hand. Though it is not rare but the wonders of the constructions are worth visiting.

Wishing you early opportunity of visiting the temple to obtain the blessings of the Lord PAANAKAALA NRISIMHASWAMY personally. Yours affly HARA HARA MAHADEVA DR P V SESHA SAI

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